Timeless and staple jewellery pieces every woman should own

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No ensemble is complete without the right accessories to go with it. In fact accessories have the power to make or break an outfit. Accessorising, mainly with jewellery is an easy and effective way to take your dressing level up a few notches.

Though jewellery happens to be one of the most expensive categories of products you will ever shop for in your life, brands are putting out well thought and well made options at attainable costs these days. What it means is that, quality jewellery can be now had by one and all. Trends generally tend to have a short shelf life and thus investing in timeless jewellery makes sense. A few little accent pieces can do you a lot of good.

Listed below are some timeless and staple pieces you should definitely invest in and add to your jewellery box .

  • Simple diamond studs

Diamond studs manage to add elegance to any outfit you pair them with. They are minimally designed to look good in any generation and therefore considered a good investment.

  • Sleek hoops

A delicate pair of hoops adds a touch of class and looks good with every outfit.

  • Stackable rings

These typically come in a variety of materials and stones which go together well. You can choose to pile up multiple on each finger or wear just a few of them well distributed on the daily.

  • Cocktail rings

If chosen well, a cocktail ring can add “Oomph“ factor to any look be it for day or night and are guaranteed to almost always be a conversation piece.

  • Simple, minimalistic bracelet

A minimalistic bracelet should be something you could wear every day, to work or even to bed. It may be a simple bangle or one with dainty little charms added to it to make it more personalised.

  • Plain gold chains

A staple piece that manages to look good on everyone, a gold chain can be styled to be worn on its own or with pendants added to it or even thrown in as a base of a layered look with other necklaces.

  • Dainty necklaces with pendants

A simple yet classy pendant perched on a dainty necklace always adds to a look. Timeless designs like a simple but well made butterfly pendant necklace or an enchanted necklace serve the purpose quite well. They can also be used as a layering piece with a plain gold chain. They will look good no matter what the year or season it is.

  • String of Pearls

Modern adaptations of the classic family heirloom have made it possible for them to be worn on a daily basis. Whatever be the style one things pearls can guarantee is sophistication.

  • Designer brooch

A designer brooch is a good piece to invest in, particularly ones that feature an iconic design logo. They are versatile pieces that can be styled in endless ways.

  • Watches

Whether it has been inherited or new, a chic timepiece is a must have. They are versatile, age well and add elegance and poise to a look.

All these accessories can transform any outfit and be paired easily to suit any occasion one could possibly think of. They will definitely remain classic through ages and can always be built upon with the “trending right now” pieces.

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