The Cleanser in Raid team Summoners War

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Summoners War won’t be a good experience without Raid team Summoners War. The Standard Team Build or Rift Raid (R5) is used for team building and selection. Standard Team Builds is based on different teams that you may see when running a rift raid. You can try to make sure to have a good balance of damage, heals, and support by building your own raid team and set your pace to win. You can try for different winning combinations when you want to make your game more interesting and intend to set your pace to win. You can start learning Raid Basics, Rift Raid, Unit Selection, Leader Skills, Reason for Raids, and more aspects sequentially to become an expert in Summoners War.  

summoners war r5 teams

Raid team Summoners War: The Cleansers 

The raid team has many essential units and one of these units is the Cleanser not a passive cleaner. Khi’zar Kha’jul frequently applies multiple debuffs on your monsters; attack break, slowdown debuff, and stun are included in the debuffs. The Cleanser is needed to discard those debuffs because keeping these debuffs may cause a bad situation. The speed of the Cleanser (at least +100) is important that can cycle through debuffs easier. The Cleanse skills can be used in far better way.  

Recommended Cleansers in Raid team Summoners War  

summoners war r5 teams

Some most recommended Cleansers in Raid team Summoners War are Konamiya, Mihyang, Lisa, Anavel, and Amarna. Konamiya is literally a two-star monster, and he’s really good for Raids. Mihyang is probably the most obtainable of the recommended four-star cleansers. Lisa is the most popular one. Anavel is absolutely good for raids. Amarna may be one of the best monsters to use for Raids, except a drawback of being light Nat 4. 


Summoners War is good to play with the Cleanser. You can use the effective cleanser in Raid team Summoners War. Next time you play Summoners war, try it in a different way!  

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