SW Veromos for Optimal Speed & Accuracy

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SW veromos refers to Summoners War veromos, the veromos in Summers War, the valuable component of Summoners war, or say the most valuable player (MVP). You can use any term for this, and it doesn’t make difference for the SW player. The players have different views about rune farming. The important part of this game is speed and accuracy that is important for progress and success. Unless you run veromos with violent rune, it was never as good as the speed rune. It is, therefore, preferred to use violent rune over swift on veromos. This is the part of the game that deals with speed.

    summoners war fusing veromos

SW veromos runes

Summoners war fusing veromos can be runes in many different ways depending on the uses you want to give for him. You can refer to some useful guide, if you want more information in this matter. The recommendation is for Violent + Nemesis (Spd/HP%/HP%)- Revenge instead of Nemesis works too Swift + Energy (Spd/HP%/HP%). The choice is yours, but you decide should be useful. Try Spd and HP% as substats or get lot of surprises with the help of CritDmg%. There is lot to do when you test different combination of monsters and builds for every dungeon (giants, dragons, & nerco). This is necessary to get optimal speed and accuracy with an objective to achieve desired success rate.

Best build SW veromos

SW veromos is for best building the game. Vio/nemesis is the best build. Most players aim at a speed 160+ and proceed for more speed. SPD/HP/HP aim for 200 speed and some decent accuracy. Some players use energy sets to find nice runes. Running Violent Energy SPD/HP/HP would be of great help. As a player, you have many options to try combinations of veromos in Summoners War for optimal speed and accuracy. You can get enough speed, if you are working in the right direction.

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