How should the individuals register for uob personal loan?

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The uob personal loans are for all types of people who need personal loans. They have a suitable scheme for every individual with Thai nationality. However, they have set some criteria for lending money, and one must meet those criteria before they can

How to register uob personal loan?

Considerations and documentation necessary for UOB-I Cash personal loan are not the same for every individual. The type of job and position and experience are taken into account before UOB-I Cash lends money. The owners need to meet different criteria than the staffs or employee of a company.

Owners must have a copy of their ID card, followed by the certification related to his or her company registration. This copy is not accepted if it is older than three months. The owner must also keep the trade registration ready along with a bank account statement copy for the previous six months. One must have the text of the account page that has been used for transferring money. He or she must also have a list of present-day shareholders, and this list must not be older than three months.

If the person is a staff or employee of a company, he or she must have an ID card issued by the company or an ID card issued by the officials of the Government. The person must keep his or her salary slip ready for the previous month. Both the real and the copy of the salary slip must be kept available as any one of these will be required. The original copy of the income certificate might also be needed. Copy of the payroll bank account is also necessary in case one is uses an income certificate. The account book copy that has been used for money transfer.

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