CNC machining: Computer-controlled Process for High-level Precision

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CNC stands for Computer Numerical Control. Manufacturing sector uses many processes and CNC machining is one of them. CNC machining is used in both plastic and metal parts manufacturing process. This is a process in which machine tools such as lathes, mills, routers and grinders are computer-controlled.

Computer control in CNC machining

The computer which controls tools is like a normal computer in appearance, but has unique control console and software which makes it different. As indicated from its name, CNC machining uses numerical control. G-code, which is CNC machining language, is used and machines are programed based on this machining language. A program is always customized for a specific use. The computer program is used to most features like speed, location, feed rate and coordination. Computerized control makes accurate control of positioning and velocity.

How machine is programed for computer control

For CNC machining control process, either 2D or 3D Computer Aided Design (CAD) drawing is created which is understood by the machine. When a CAD drawing has been created and program is loaded into the computer, it is tested by an operator for a trial run on the computer, referred to as “cutting air,” for final testing before proceeding with actual operations. This testing is important to ensure trouble-free operations because any error can damage machine or result in a tattered part due to wrong tool position and speed.

Advantages of CNC machining process

The CNC machining process is used for its advantages over manual control which a good machine can perform. CNC machining China is a reputed name in this context. The very purpose of computerized control is defeated in the absence of accurate program and that’s why trial run is always conducted. The computer control can repeat the process accurately in the same manner in every operation. It can produce complex and 3D shapes due to precision mechanism which is not possible in manually-controlled process. This is the reason CNC machining is used for tasks requiring precision of high-level.

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