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FirstBlood PUBG Tournaments are usually held every day on the official FirstBlood website. There is no registration fee required for participating in the tournaments and the rewards and prizes which one can win vary, depending on the tournament as well as other factors such as when and where it is being held. 

FirstBlood PUBG Tournaments

FirstBlood PUBG Tournaments are also specific to a location, such as – tournaments are held specifically for a region, for example – Peru, India, China, Europe, USA and the like. The tournaments usually have a timer involved, so that the participants can finish games within the time limit specified. The challenges are usually one vs one Solo mode or five vs five Captain mode and the level of difficulty varies – easy, medium as well as hard. Although the games are one vs one, you can also enter the tournament as a team. The number of slots in each tournament is usually specified as well as the format, which is usually that of single elimination. Prizes are usually given to the player who wins the tournament.

FirstBlood PUBG Tournaments

A player or a team must be at least 18 years of age before participating in the tournament. When joining a tournament, every player must agree with the rules and regulations as are put forth by them. In case any player doesn’t comply with the rules mentioned, they will not only be disqualified from the tournament but will also be debarred from participating in any further FirstBlood PUBG Tournaments.

Every tournament has its own set of rules and regulations which are usually specified under the Tournament Overview Format section before the start of the event. When participating in a team, all players must register as well as check-in for the tournament. Even if one player fails to join or register, the team won’t be considered eligible to participate.

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