Why Do We Need More Advocates for the Right to Education?

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Living in this 21st century, thebitter truth is, education is now more ofa privilege than right. According to the current UNESCO statistics, theworld suffers an illiteracy rate of 1 billion adult populations.

In spite of so many countries getting high literacy rate, what makes the core literacy per cent go down?

Well, education is still an unachievable dream for a good number of countries. Here,several factors come into the scene. Look through to know the crucial reasons.

  1. Gender disparity

Sadly, it’s a fact. Owing to the harsh kink of faith, girls are deprivedof their right to education. Many south-Asian and African countries abandon girls from going to schools.

According to a report, in Somalia, only a mere 36% of girls go to school. Quite in a similar way, in many countries due to cultural factors, security or even poverty, female education is the least encouraged. However, in the same nest, male education is allowed by their parents clearly depicting a gender disparity.

In a recent survey, UNESCO has declared, it will takea time span till 2089 for the destitute girls to complete basic education.

  • War Zones

UNICEF confirms that an estimated number of 48.5 million children lack education due to the wars and conflicts. Syria is one such example, where hundreds of thousands of children rendered homeless shift to refugee camps.

Around 290 schools have been destroyed in Syria because of indestructible wars. They lack education, proper upbringing and miss a major part of their childhood.

  • Inadequate School Facilities

Many schools around the map significantly lack adequate facilities like number of teaching staffs, proper sanitation. Girls in their adolescents fear attending classes during the menstruation cycle. Pathetic sanitation system lacks privacy and disposal facilities too.

Itis an explicit scene in many of the government-run schools of the third world country. Even, a lot many primary level schools do not have drinking water facilities.

  • Child marriage

Child marriage is one of the primary causes of illiteracy and girl child is the major victim of this bizarre practice.

In Nigeria, 10.5 million children don’t go to school, from which 60% ofgirls become victims to child marriage. Moreover, according to estimation, 15 million girls are married even before they reach their adulthood.

  • Poor country

Still, there are countries which are the poorest of the poorest. They live in a wretched condition and struggle every day to get a two-course meal.

Lack of proper administration and investment from the government of those countries are mainly responsible for increasing level of illiteracy.

However, amidst this vile environment, there is still a ray of rope which will slowly push the right of education in the global socio-economic structure. More involvement of people belonging from literacy class can change the whole outlook for education.

By forming NGOs and electoral works, society can enhance and mobilize education for the underprivileged. Tireless dedication and volunteer work can amplify the current scenario making the nations educated.

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